Unearned wealth through lottery, inheritance and insurance in astrology

Unearned income through lottery, inheritance and insurance in astrology


There are many aspects in astrology such as marriage, career, health, luck etc about which astrology provides  us guidance. It all depends on planets and their placement in the birth chart of an individual. Major and sub periods and transit are the key points of consideration in the analysis of any event.Astrology can guide us in financial and money aspects of our life.We can have an insight about the wealth and financial prospects which we can achieve in our life. We can get wealth and income from different sources such as from profession or business or in the form of bank interest etc. Astrology and  planets can indicate  us, from which sector we can earn money and wealth such as whether we can get wealth from business or from job etc. Unearned wealth or unexpected/sudden gains can also be a source of income. Unearned wealth or hidden money can also be obtained from lottery, TV game shows, insurance, wills etc. Astrology can suggest whether there is the possibility of having unearned wealth or not.

Houses for unearned income 

In astrology there are houses which deal with finances, income and prosperity. Analysis of these houses guide us and provide valuable insights about how much wealth we can get and what will be sources of income  in our life. The 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses of birth chart are main houses for wealth and income. 8th house of the birth chart is the key house for unearned wealth or unexpected gains.

First house or ascendant (lagna)

First house or ascendant is most important house of any birth chart. It is the foundation of a chart and by the analysis of this chart we can know our success rate in life, how much success and wealth we can achieve in life can be predicted from this house. Ascendant lord's placement and aspect of planets on this house, whether benefic or malefic aspect can indicate about the strength of this house. If there is a beneficial aspect to the first house, more strength will be gained. A strong and powerful first house indicates good health, wealth and prosperity one will achieve in his/ her life.

Second house 

Second house governs with accumulation of wealth, assets, and material possessions. What will be the status of your bank balance is indicated by this house. The placement of benefic planets such as Jupiter and Venus in this house can indicate a prosperous financial status. Additionally, the strength of the second house lord and placement of benefic or malefic planets in this house and their aspect on the 2nd house affects the finances and wealth of a person.

Fifth house:

The fifth house signifies speculative gains and investments. Gains from the stock market have been analyzed through this house. Planets like North node, Venus and Jupiter when well-placed in this house, can indicate favorable opportunities for financial growth through investments in  the stock market.

Eighth house: This house is the key house for the unearned wealth or unexpected gains. For this, the 8th house should be powerful. This house indicates the unearned wealth of a person. Wealth earned by lottery, insurance, inheritance and TV game shows,  etc. is called the unearned wealth.

Ninth house: This house belongs to fortune, luck, and divine blessings. A strong ninth house, with the placement of its lord in the angles or trine and when influenced by benefic planets such as Jupiter or Mercury, can bring financial  gains.

Eleventh house: This house belongs to desires and income. All types of gains and income can be analyzed through this house. Any planet in this house gives good results, especially Venus, Jupiter if placed in this house can give good income. Placement of the North node in this house is also favorable for income prospects. 

Role of Planets in getting unearned income 

Moon: The Moon's placement in the birth chart can shed light on our financial prospects and the wealth we can attract into our life.  If the Moon is strong and well-placed in the birth chart, it can give us an enormous amount of wealth. If Moon is exalted in the 8th house of the chart, it can provide unearned wealth or if 2nd lord Moon is placed in the 8th house, financial gains from inheritance are indicated.


Jupiter, the planet of expansion, holds significant importance in Vedic astrology when it comes to financial growth. A favorable placement of Jupiter in one's birth chart can produce a good amount of wealth and money. Jupiter - Venus, Jupiter-Mars and Jupiter-Moon combinations are very favorable for wealth and income. If Jupiter aspects the 8th house from the angle or from the 2nd house or if Jupiter is exalted in the 8th or placed in its own sign in the 8th house, it can give a good amount of unearned wealth.

Venus: Venus is the significator of wealth and prosperity. A strong Venus with placement in angles or trines, in its own sign or in exaltation sign can give an abundance of wealth to the native. Venus if placed in the 2nd and 11th house is good for wealth. The 12th house is an evil house but Venus when placed in the 12th house gives all types of comforts, wealth and luxuries. Aspect of Venus on 8th house or if Venus is exalted in the 8th house can give unearned wealth. The native with such placement can gain unexpected wealth from TV shows, entertainment, modeling, film etc.

Mercury: Mercury is a planet of intelligence and knowledge. When 8th lord Mercury is placed in good dignity in angles or trines or if exalted or placed in its own sign in 2nd, 11th, 5th, 8th or 9th house, can provide a massive unearned wealth through awards and accolades in the area of writing, art and creative pursuits.

Beneficial combinations for unearned  wealth and income 

There are many combinations for wealth in astrology, how much wealth a person will have depends upon the number of combinations in his/her chart. More combinations will assure more wealth. 8th house lord placed in 5th house or exchange of signs between 5th and 8th house lords indicates income through stock market. The 2nd lord in the 8th house or sign exchange between 2nd and 8th lord indicates income through inheritance. A benefic aspect or placement of benefics in 8th house assures unearned wealth or unexpected gains.

2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses are for wealth and financial prosperity. If there's any connection between the lords of these houses either by the conjunction, aspect or house exchange then it indicates massive wealth generation in the horoscope. 

Following are the combinations.

1.Ascendant lord's placement in 11th or 2nd house.

2.2nd lord in the 11th house or 11th house lord in the 2nd house.

3. If there's a sign exchange between the 2nd and 11th lord, Laxmi yoga.

4. 2nd lord aspecting the 2nd house and 11th lord aspecting the 11th house.

5. If lords of  angles and trines  are connected to each other either by placement, aspect or sign exchange, it makes a powerful raja yoga assuring massive wealth.

6.11th lord in 9th house or sign exchange between the lords of 11th and 9th house can bring unearned wealth through luck.

7.Jupiter and Venus Conjunction:

When Jupiter and Venus come together in wealth giving houses, in a birth chart, they form a powerful alliance for wealth. This combination enhances one's financial potential, providing opportunities for prosperity and success.

8. Moon Mars conjunction:

Moon Mars conjunction is very favorable for income and financial prosperity. Both should be strong enough to give the result properly. 

9.Mars Jupiter conjunction:

This conjunction of Mars and Jupiter is also favorable for income and financial prosperity.

10.Jupiter's Aspect on Wealth Houses

Jupiter's aspect on the houses of wealth, such as the second, fifth, and eleventh houses, can trigger financial gains and windfalls. The positive influence of Jupiter on these houses ensures the inflow of money and financial stability.

11.Placement of  Mercury

Mercury's connection with the second house or its lord can result in financial gains through creativity such as writing, publishing, speech and art. 

Timing of getting  unearned income :

When a favorable dasha or antardasha of wealth giving planets will be in progress a person can accumulate the unearned wealth or unexpected gains from lottery, stock market, inheritance etc. Dasha or antardasha of 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th lords or the benefic planets aspecting these houses or placed in these houses can attract a lot of money and wealth.A favorable transit of Jupiter, Saturn and nodes are also very important with the favorable dasha and antardasha. Planets in transit can give favorable results only when a favorable dasha or antardasha will be in progress.


Astrology can provide us guidance  in the accumulation of wealth. By the analysis of planet's aspects and their influence on the wealth giving houses one can get an insight into his/her goal to achieve financial success and prosperity. Knowing the timing of financial gains one can plan accordingly. One can improve the chances of financial gains by the remedies of planets, who are creating obstacles in the path of success. 

Astrology can guide us in taking decisions but practical actions are also necessary for the  gain of massive wealth and prosperity.


What is the scope of getting unearned wealth through astrology?

Astrology can provide guidance and insights through the analysis of planets and their placement, by the remedies we can also enhance the chances of getting unearned wealth.

In how many days,one can achieve success through remedies?

It will depend on the planetary placement in the chart of individuals and intensity of the problem, but consistent and sincere efforts in remedies can bring positive changes over time.

How can one know that he/she may gain unearned wealth?

Yes, it can be predicted through the astrological combinations and aspects and placement of planets.

Can anybody know the timing of getting unearned wealth?

Yes, by analysis of the dasha, antardasha and transit, timing of getting unearned wealth can be predicted.


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