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Unearned wealth through lottery, inheritance and insurance in astrology

Unearned income through lottery, inheritance and insurance in astrology                              There are many aspects in astrology such as marriage, career, health, luck etc about which astrology provides  us guidance. It all depends on planets and their placement in the birth chart of an individual. Major and sub periods and transit are the key points of consideration in the analysis of any event.Astrology can guide us in financial and money aspects of our life.We can have an insight about the wealth and financial prospects which we can achieve in our life. We can get wealth and income from different sources such as from profession or business or in the form of bank interest etc. Astrology and  planets can indicate  us, from which sector we can earn money and wealth such as whether we can get wealth from business or from job etc. Unearned wealth or unexpected/sudden gains can also be a source of income. Unearned wealth or hidden money can also be obtained from lottery, TV game s